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Michael Kotsopoulos

Therapist Intern

Michael is available for virtual counselling sessions by video or phone.

Michael is a client-centred therapist intern who sees courage, compassion, and connection as the key components in the work of healing and growth. He is committed to cultivating safe, authentic, and encouraging spaces so individuals can be themselves without fear of being judged, shamed, or rejected.

Michael has worked with individuals of all ages, and from many backgrounds, navigating numerous challenging circumstances involving grief, addictions, illnesses, depression, anxiety, and much more. His approach to care strives to be culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and spiritually integrated. 

Outside of work, Michael spends most of his time in dad mode, playing with his kids and telling dad jokes. He enjoys spending time with his loving wife, construction projects, playing sports, and pursuing his life-long goal of becoming a professional mango eater.

226-667-6767 x 219

Michael Kotsopoulos
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