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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Who provides the counselling at your Centre?

    • Counselling is provided by graduate level Therapist Interns who are under the supervision of a Clinical Supervisor.

  •  Is the counselling available short term or long term?

    • There is a limit of 20 sessions or an 8 month duration of sessions that an individual may have. After this time you and your therapist will decide next steps. 

  • How long are the sessions?

    • Both 60 and 90 minute sessions are available.

  • How are the sessions delivered?

    • Therapy sessions are offered in person or virtually by video or phone.

  • How much is the fee for counselling if someone does not qualify to be subsidized?

    • We have a sliding fee scale that is based on a client’s total household income as well as the number of dependents that they have.  Most of the clients we see are either fully or partially subsidized. 

  • Do you treat other conditions besides trauma?

    • Yes.  We assist individuals who come to us with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, addiction, relationship issues, grief and bereavement, and how to adjust/cope with a mental health diagnosis.

  • Do you treat people with developmental disabilities?

    • Yes we do.  We vary our approach to best meet the needs of the individual.

  • You are located in a church. Does this mean I need to be affiliated with a religion to access counselling?

    • No.  We provide counselling regardless of whether or not you have spiritual beliefs.  If you are spiritual and wish to have that integrated as part of your care, we will be happy to do so, but we will take our cues from you. ​

  • What is the wait time to receive counselling?

    • At this time, the waitlist time is 12 - 16 weeks.  This is a shorter wait time than is being experienced by other counselling centres in the area.

  • How can a person access your services?

    • Individuals can self-refer.  All you need to do is to call or text the Community Counselling Centre of London office at 226-667-6767 to inquire about wait times or to complete an intake. You can also email

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