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Jacquelin Chan

Therapist Intern

Jacqueline is a compassionate therapist intern with a passion for helping individuals of all ages and backgrounds navigate life's challenges and transitions. Her therapy journey is driven by a commitment to creating a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your inner world, build meaningful connections, and embark on a path of healing and integration.

Her therapeutic approach is client-centered and draws inspiration from various modalities, including mindfulness, emotion-focused therapy, grief counselling, somatic orienting, self-psychology, and client-centered care. She strives to provide culturally competent care and has experience with LGBTQ+, trans and non-binary communities.

In addition to her therapeutic work, Jacqueline is a lifelong Qigong practitioner, valuing holistic health and the mind-body connection. 

Jacqueline’s approach to therapy is empathic, present, and spiritually-integrated, striving to take into account a multi-faith perspective. She facilitates group Qigong sessions, has provided spiritual care at The Scarborough Health Network, and engages in clinical research with families and children at The Hospital for Sick Children.

Currently, Jacqueline is in the process of completing her Masters of Pastoral Studies with a Certification in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy at the University of Toronto, with a Buddhist and Interfaith focus. Her academic background includes a prior Masters degree in early childhood studies and a strong foundation in psychology.

Jacqueline is here to walk alongside you on your journey towards healing, growth, and self-discovery. Let's work together to find hope, meaning, and healing in your life. 

226-667-6767 x 212

Jacquelin Chan
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