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NIkita Ariganello

Therapist Intern

Nikita is available for counselling sessions 

in-person in Exeter on Wednesdays and in London on Mondays, 

and also by video or phone. 


Nikita provides a safe and judgement-free space where clients are free to explore different themes that may be prevalent in their lives, such as depression, grief, loss, life transitions, stress, anxiety, trauma, relationships, family or faith. She creates a non-biased space where clients can freely create meaning, and make sense of emotions they may be feeling. Nikita collaborates with clients through Solution-Focused therapy, Narrative therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Empathy, encouragement and support are important to Nikita in building a therapeutic relationship with clients and helping clients see different insights and perspectives in their lives. 

Nikita was born and raised in a diverse background and believes in welcoming others openly into a space, no matter the circumstances of one’s background, identity, or social status. Nikita believes it is important that clients have the opportunity to tell their story and their truth, and to provide an attentive ear and heart to the vulnerabilities that one may share with her. Nikita is open to exploring and incorporating into therapy a person’s beliefs, dreams, spirituality/faith or what is sacred to an individual. 

Nikita has previous experience in a forensic mental health care setting, and believes that self-care and caring for one’s mental health is an important factor in life. Nikita has completed two internships previously at CCCL. 

226-667-6767 x 218

NIkita Ariganello
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